What is No Ouais?

No Ouais is a one-man music blog spanning multiple genres. It is written by Andrew. Sometimes he is fickle and hard to keep up with as he flits between artists and genres. Electronic, “indie”, pop, dance, hip hop, psychedelic new weird America noise rock made up genre – it all has a place here.

Sometimes No Ouais will have album reviews, sometimes it will have gig reviews. Sometimes it will have excitable wank about a pop star’s tour outfits or a silly viral campaign. Hopefully it will always be interesting.

What is Andrew?

Andrew is not sure where he is from, but if you ask him he will just say “Fife” because that was his favourite place growing up (and because the older members of his family would call him a traitor if he didn’t call Scotland his home, which it generally is). He spent two years studying at the University of Hull, then a year at the University of Washington, then another year at the University of Hull before getting a BA in American Studies. He is not sure what he will do with this (“so you study Americans” is not as funny a response as you think it is), but it was fun while it lasted.

While at Hull, Andrew contributed to Hullfire, a monthly student rag with an amazing (“amazing”) name. One time they gave him an award! It was very lovely and he misses having a student body to torture with his pretentious musings about music.

Andrew does not like talking about himself in the third person, as it makes him feel a bit uncomfortable and more of a tosser than he actually is.

What is a reminder about not suing you?

Any and all music posted to this blog is done so out of love for the artist. But sometimes love is creepy and infringes copyright.

If you hold the copyright to something and wish for it to be removed, get in touch (noouais@googlemail.com) and it will be removed ASAP. There will also be fear and trembling and palpitations.

If you enjoy music posted here, be nice and support the artist. Buy CDs and t-shirts and go see them live. There is a good chance they are starving, etc.


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