A parade of musicians you vaguely remember (and might wish you didn’t).

If you’ve noticed my absence this last week, it’s because I was down in the nation’s stinking hot capital volunteering with Pride. If you haven’t noticed my absence, that is still where I was.

Homosexuals the Gorilla
It was a lot of fun, thanks for asking. It was heartening to see so many sides of the community represented, and it was wonderful to see littlegays taking their first tentative steps out into a world of men walking about in chaps blowing bubbles everywhere as well as parents bringing their children along to be indoctrinated with  our super secret and insidious Gay Agenda.

Storming about with my not very exclusive backstage pass, I saw more artists eagerly waiting in the wings than I did dancing about on stage. But I did hear them! Here are the highlights of what I heard.

1. Eurovision hopefuls of yesteryear Scooch singing the theme tune from The Littlest Hobo, shown here with THE LILYEST HOBO (do you see) in a literally better than the sum of its lackluster parts mash-up:

2. Mark from A1 singing Take On Me, a modern classic which saw the contemporary boyband taking on A-Ha and not quite winning. Still, A1 were pretty good, Mark was definitely in the hot 75%, and the video for their cover was quite an interesting Web 0.002 update of the original:


3. Heather Small singing her “Olympic theme” (i.e. an old song that we are pretending is an Olympic theme), which is called Proud. This worked out well because we were at PRIDE, and London is PROUD of being the Olympic city in 2012. Coincidentally, London can also be PROUD of the fact that it is hosting world PRIDE in 2012 as well.

Alarmists may also want to note that 2012 is the year in which the Mayan calendar ends, leading to a lot of crackpot theorists assuming that the world will end in three years. Perhaps Small’s decision to draw attention to 2012 at Pride was a way of slyly suggesting that gays are going to cause the apocalypse. That’s not very nice, Heather.

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