Stop everything, it’s werewolf disco time.

If you’ve been following the bizarre She Wolf viral campaign, you’d be forgiven for thinking that it’s a reference to Billie Piper’s run on Doctor Who. Shaky Cloverfield cameras have been capturing footage of the infamous (not really) She Wolf, a primal popstar sex predator who’s been eating men’s faces all over the place while ostensibly promoting her new single. So is it a new Billie Piper single?

Loba viral

It’s not. Sorry, but we won’t be getting another Safe With Me or Day & Night any time soon. :(

What we are getting, however, is an amazing new Shakira single, Loba/She Wolf. It premiered this week and you can now listen to the Spanish version of the song on her MySpace. Your life will be better and more disco today if you do. Here is Loba’s laundry list (do you see what I did there?) of amazing bits:

  • The gradual build-up of instrumentation during the intro.
  • Those guitars.
  • Shakira howling like a wolf.
  • Shakira panting like a sex fiend.
  • The bridge with those backing vocals and the panting getting more exasperated and then that lovely electronic bit.

If Ginger Snaps had been soundtracked by disco artists, it would have been a bit like this. Expect the English version of the song to appear in the next few weeks.

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