Incoming – your new favourite band with boys who sing and do electronic stuff.

These gentlemen are Fenech-Soler:


They make very good new wave-y synthpop and at times might remind you of Friendly Fires – not that I want to start fights or am suggesting that there can only be one and that the two need to duke it out, because really I’d much rather they united to make Fenech Fires, perhaps for the release of a Run DMC/Aerosmith cover single.

Anyway. Their debut single, The Cult of Romance, came out last month (this is not exactly a scoop). It’s a fantastic slice of cool as fuck electropop on its own (it has BELLS), but it’s served well by an Alan Braxe remix that adds some lady vocals to the mix and makes the whole thing an even more laid back and effortlessly wonderful affair. Both the original and the remix have a brilliant “ee-yeah-ee-oh, oh oh” bridge which, I think you’ll agree, showcases the extent of Fenech-Soler’s lyrical prowess.

There also appears to be an EP, and they recently appeared in Mixmag. Brace yourselves for a “meteoric rise”, etc.

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