A quite alright pop comeback that we all missed.

In news from four months ago, Amy Studt is still around! Remember Amy Studt? She was the teen singer-songwriter who released the very good Just A Little Girl (thank Sophie Muller for the amazing video) and the less good Misfit. She wasn’t groundbreaking, but she was making serviceable pop that showed a lot of promise until she just disappeared after one album.

Fast-forward several years and she’s released a second album, My Paper Made Men (it’s a mixed bag but, again, shows a lot of pop potential), along with a string of quite good singles. The last single, released in March to little fanfare, was the amazing Nice Boys. Despite sounding a little dated, its poor performance and promotion may just be one of the big pop injustices of the year.

Here’s the video. It follows a flawless pop rubric – moody girl surrounded by pretty boys in formal wear who fawn over her, moody girl surrounded by pretty boys in formal wear who dance around her, moody girl surrounded by pretty boys who fight around her. It looks surprisingly glossy and made up for such a quiet little release.

Okay, so the single doesn’t exactly show much maturing on her part (the album provides a little more growth). In fact, some might say that it sounds a little bit like early Amy Studt, which sounds a little bit like Avril, Miley and Amanda Palmer (okay, 13 year-old Amanda Palmer) getting into an excitable scuffle. But it’s fun! It’s a fun pop song with a petulantly sung chorus. When she shouts “NICE BOYS FINISH LAST” in the background at the 0:40 mark, you’d be forgiven for thinking that you’re listening to Amanda Palmer’s Muppet Babies counterpart throwing her toys out of the pram. It may not be the best showcase of Studt’s growth as an artist, but it’s catchy enough that it probably deserved to create the same waves her initial string of singles did.

Poor Amy. She was last seen separating (i.e. being dropped) from her label and going on an adventure in NYC. Hopefully she’ll bounce back in some way, shape or form, because while Nice Boys isn’t the hallmark of a hard-hitting singer-songwriter coming into her own, it is an infectious little pop song that suggests that she may have some more guilty pleasures up her sleeve.

There was also an AMAZING remix doing the rounds.

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