WARNING: Interpretive dance ahead.

Bat For Lashes’ video for Daniel is out!


Important facts about the video:

  • There is interpretive dance. It’s a bit like that scene in Silent Hill with the nurses attacking Radha Mitchell. Except the nurses are covered in balloons and Natasha Khan does a shit job of dodging them.
  • It gets properly good when she gets into the car, because Two Suns is very much a ‘road album’ wherein Natasha and her alter ego drive through the desert and duke it out mystically, etc. etc.
  • The end is hilarious/amazing. If you’ve seen the single artwork, you’ll probably be bracing yourself for the cameo that basically makes the video.

Click here to watch it (because WordPress doesn’t like MySpace embedding, apparently).

Wonderful stuff, but let’s be honest, it could be better (i.e. have more Karate Kid stuff) and it’s no What’s A Girl To Do.

Daniel is available for download now, and the album’s out next month. I’ll probably review it, and I’ll probably have a lot of nice things to say about it.

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