Anoraak continues to be remixed.

The Nightdrive With You EP by Anoraak was one of last year’s best releases, no question about it, and Anoraak currently stands as one of Valerie’s strongest contenders. The title song has since been remixed a ludicrous number of times, but unlike some cases where droves of artists start throwing glitter at a turd for no reason, this is a brilliant song being attacked by brilliant people.

I figured the gushing stream of remixes would have ebbed by now. But no!

ENTER BMX. BMX are an incredibly fun band who make incredibly fun music with bouncy New Wave influences. War was one of the best songs I heard last year, and it carried with it the same feelgood factor that Nightdrive With You did. So obviously BMX sticking their fingers in the Nightdrive pie would result in something QUITE AMAZING.

Blouse have the exclusive, let’s go see them.

Thanks, Blouse!

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