Good news for fans of ‘choons.’

Scotland is firing all dance cylinders this week with the return of not one but two proprietors of “massive choons.”

Calvin Harris’ I’m Not Alone is the kind of thing you’d hear on dance compilations in the late ’90s while being told “it’s proper big in Ibiza right now innit”, etc. Gone is the quirkiness of the first album, replaced by a quality that annoying radio DJs will call “EUPHORIC” and “LARGE.” And I suppose that works as a description – it starts out laid back and chilled out with acoustic guitars and lovely backing vocals, and then there’s all manner of whooshing and excitable trance bits. So yes, very EUPHORIC and LARGE.

Meanwhile, Mylo is back. His comeback single (let’s not call it a comeback) is apparently called I’m Back (okay, let’s do). But it might not be. It is not quite as EUPHORIC or LARGE as the Calvin Harris, but it is quite brilliant. It seems like a very bizarre choice for a comeback single though, as it’s not the most accessible of Mylo tracks and it doesn’t have Gloria Estefan on it. Still, I’m sure it’s a grower.

Faisal over at Ohh! Crapp has got rips for you if you were born in the ’80s.

And I’ll throw in that rather fantastic Calvin remix of Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s Off & On, which may or may not be on her new album.

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