Equally good news for fans of Kat DeLuna.

Yes, Kat DeLuna! You know…Kat DeLuna?

Kat’s first album was produced by Red One, the man behind Lady GaGa’s Just Dance and, erm, Heidi Montag’s Fashion. He’s also behind that amazing Darin single that, coincidentally, featured Kat DeLuna (probably not a coincidence).

Well, it seems that Ms DeLuna’s appearance on that single was a way to lay the groundwork in the European market for what should be her huge breakthrough hit. Unstoppable is a brilliant piece of trashy pop with a cameo from Lil’ Wayne. The lyrics are spunky and “fierce”, there’s a rocky guitar throughout that suggests that this girl has got “attitude”, and the guitar is probably not being played by Weezy (thank fuck). It all has the makings of a Latina Lady Gaga/Rihanna hybrid, which can only be a good thing.

Shame the video is piss poor then. :(

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