Jamie T’s website is now streaming the video for what is – presumably – a new promo single, Fire Fire. If you’re used to the lilting pop of Calm Down Dearest or the bittersweet Sheila, this might throw you at first. It’s…a bit of a racket.

Good heavens, you boys! Blue-blooded murder of the English tongue, etc. etc.

I wasn’t sold on this at first. Sheila was one of the best singles of 2006 (and then it was one of the best singles of 2007 upon its reissue), and young Mr. T struck me as being one of the most refreshing artists to break out at the time, so to hear such a brash change of pace from him concerned me somewhat.

The more I think about it, though, the more Fire Fire’s chorus reminds me of those thrash-y interludes on ’90s Beastie Boys releases that harked back to the band’s roots. And that’s a good thing! For an artist as intriguing as this, more of the same might have been disappointing and met with little interest. As it stands, Fire Fire is an exciting explosion of noise and a testimony to Jamie T’s willingness to explore other musical avenues. At first concerned, I’m now cautiously optimistic to hear more of what he’s been up to since Panic Prevention.

Fire Fire is available for free download at

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