This is the very adorable Aira Mitsuki. Her debut album, C.O.P.Y., is a fairly promising and incredibly uplifting slice of vaguely chiptune electropop (apparently ‘the kids’ are calling it J-Tek, but don’t hold me to that). 2008 single China Discotica was accompanied by a very appropriate video, equal parts cute and hipster:

2008 was also a pretty big year for M.I.A., who saw new heights of success when her popularity soared on the back of Paper Planes being featured in Pineapple Express. Hooray!

No surprise then that an Aira/M.I.A. mash-up would be one of the better mash-ups of late, even if it is a bit heavy on the annoying glitches. I mean, obviously they’re compatible, they both like shiny leggings and odd lipstick colours.

Aira Mitsuki + M.I.A. – Bucky China Discotica

Well played, tofubeats.

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